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Arrow Theater


Arrow Theater believes deeply in the shared theatrical lineage we have inherited. We examine classic texts and contemporary adaptations combined with rigorous dramaturgy to bring new perspectives to the plays that inhabit the most essential part of the Western theater canon. Arrow Theater acts as an excavator, taking relics from the past and exploring them in the context of today. 


We believe in inclusion, diversity of voices, and the importance of ensemble. We strive to operate as a 21st century theater company, using the extreme connectivity of our world to bring both lifetime and first time theatergoers to our productions. Our productions are influenced by the social and political landscape we live in.


Arrow Theater questions and challenges the status quo of what a theater can be. By imagining the possibilities of theatermaking in the future, Arrow Theater strives to become a leader in the field, embracing nontraditional theater spaces, an agile producing model, and the desire to have a national and international reach.

Interested in working with Arrow Theater? We are always looking to expand our network of collaborators. Please submit a resume and any pertinent example of work here.

Arrow Theater conceives and produces innovative stage productions that are at once stimulating, intellectual, and daringly human. Our work is forward-thinking and motivated by moving the art form into the future, while recognizing and honoring our theatrical lineage.

Based in Minneapolis, Arrow Theater seeks to provide a refreshing and sophisticated voice within the Twin Cities' expansive theater community, combining a rigorous dedication to the craft with a desire to provide exemplary experiences for both artists and audiences. Our focus is on classic texts, given new and invigorated productions that speak to today's social and political climate.


Production History

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